Kids' Halloween Costumes

From creepy clowns to wicked witches, we have a wide range of Halloween costumes for kids. You'll find classic outfits including devils, vampires, zombies and werewolves, as well as Harry Potter and Ghostbusters costumes that your little ones will love!

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258 Products Available
Killer Doll
Killer Doll €21.99
Creepy Sister
Creepy Sister €18.99
Bad Clown Boy
Bad Clown Boy €28.99
Peppa Pig Witch
Peppa Pig Witch €18.99
Hungry Howler
Hungry Howler €31.99
Vampire Girl
Vampire Girl €21.99
Halloween Killer
Bloody Bride
Bloody Bride €21.99
Prombie Queen
Prombie Queen €28.99