Halloween Witch Costumes

Looking for an outfit that spells trouble this Halloween? These witch costumes are just what you need! From glamorous sorceresses to horrible Halloween hags, you've got a full range of styles to explore.

Remember to check out our fancy dress accessories too, including broomsticks, hats, wigs, face paints, cauldrons and more!

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60 Products Available
Peppa Pig Witch
Peppa Pig Witch €18.99
Wicked Witch
Wicked Witch €19.49
Spot Witch
Spot Witch €18.99
Cauldron Cutie
Cauldron Cutie €21.99
Cutie Cat
Cutie Cat €18.99
Classic Witch
Classic Witch €25.49
Glamorous Witch
Glamorous Witch €29.99
Be Witched
Be Witched €24.99
Wise Wizard
Wise Wizard €24.99
Emerald Witch
Emerald Witch €29.99