Halloween Masks

Complete your Halloween costume with these scary masks. You'll find zombies, clowns and all your favourite classic horror films and TV shows, including The Purge, American Horror Story, Scream and Saw.

You can even choose from a range of cool, realistic masks based on iconic characters like Michael Myers, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and Pennywise the clown. Check them out!

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66 Products Available
Evil Grin Mask
Evil Grin Mask €5.99 each
Evil Grin Male
Evil Grin Male €5.99 each
Kiss Me Mask
Kiss Me Mask €4.49 each
Hockey Mask - Child
Clown Mask
Clown Mask €11.99 each
Hockey Mask
Hockey Mask €4.49 each
Jigsaw Mask
Jigsaw Mask €2.99 each
Pig Head Mask
Pig Head Mask €14.49 each
Cross Mask
Cross Mask €4.49 each
Pennywise Mask
Pennywise Mask €86.99 each
Scream Mask
Scream Mask €4.49 each
Freakshow Clown Mask
Freakshow Clown Mask €2.99 each